"Mr. Burnett is an experienced writer with a firm grip on a good story. ... An important story with thorough research, interviews and anecdotes, and a little Hollywood drama thrown in. "
—The Washington Times

"Burnett shows in this original and intriguing work, piracy is alive and well. ... Burnett's well-researched investigation is spiked with plenty of seafaring action."
—Publishers Weekly
"Will have readers agog. ... Portrays the chilling experience of being stalked by low-slung, ghostly boats at night."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Given the relative ease with which pirates board vessels, the threat of economic destablilization that they could cause is serious. Burnett, a piracy expert, explores this threat."
—The TIMES of London
"Burnett manages to weave a detailed expose on the treachery of maritime piracy into a thrilling true story. . .will keep both novices and professional mariners engaged throughout. This kind of vivid, readable yet informative book is vital."
—US Naval Institute Proceedings
"An excellent new book. ... Dangerous Waters by John S. Burnett brings to the general public the reality of shipborne security problems, and tells them bluntly that this plague did not disappear with the death of Blackbeard."
—Lloyd's List
"John Burnett joins his unique perspective as a bluewater sailor with his finely honed skills as a journalist and shines a bright light on the phenomenon of modern piracy. The portrait he paints is borth intensely compelling and a clarion call to those concerned about the security of interntional shipping lanes in these uncertain times. . .a font of useful insight and information."
—SAIL Magazine
"A rich and rare insight into life at sea today. There have been few books in recent years that have so vividly evoked the reality of living and working conditions in the present-day shipping industry." —NUMAST, British union of professional maritime officers
"A riveting report on a little-reported international crime. ... Haunting." —Traffic World
"If 'fascinating' can ever be used to describe such a grave and terrible subject, Burnett's account is a prime example. Both chilling and gripping, Burnett's book will not be confined to the niches of pirate lore or sea adventure, but will attract readers of all interests."
Amazon.com Customer Reviews:
"Shocking, terrifying, and I could not put it down."
"A crucial contribution to the ongoing discussion over homeland security measures."
"A wakeup call to the world."
"A good reference for anyone who is interested in international and national security."
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