The Web site of Maritime International Secretariat Services Limited provides information about the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) and news about regulatory and other developments affecting the international shipping industry, including this piracy page:
Outrage in the shipping industry at the alarming growth in piracy on the world's oceans prompted the creation of the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre in October 1992 in Kuala Lumpur. The Centre is financed by voluntary contributions from a number of companies and provides its services free of charge to all vessels irrespective of ownership or flag.
IMB Piracy Center Web site & Current Piracy Report
Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants with its stable of combat veterans has a 30-year history of anti-piracy and anti-terrorism activities. Featured in Dangerous Waters, this venerable organization accredited to Lloyds of London, is currently advising governments, ship operators and others in the maritime industry on compliance with the International Ship and Port Security Code.
Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants
The Web site of the Maritime Security Council, an organization created "to address the many security concerns of the U.S. and international maritime community"
Maritime Security Council

The official Web site of NUMAST, the British trade union and professional organisation for ship masters, officers, cadets and other professional staff in the maritime industries.

The Cargo Letter is an "Internet Portal To International Transportation," offering an extensive trade and transport index and a comprhensive world news service to the industry.
The Cargo Letter
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