While sailing alone one night in the shipping lanes across one of the busiest waterways in the world, John Burnett was attacked by pirates. Through sheer ingenuity and a little bit of luck, he survived, and his shocking firsthand experience became the inspiration for Dangerous Waters.

Today’s breed of pirates are not the colorful cutthroats painted by the history books.
Unlike the romantic images from yesteryear of Captain Kidd and Blackbeard, they can be local seamen looking for a quick score,

highly-trained guerillas, rogue military units, or former seafarers recruited by sophisticated crime organizations. Armed with machetes, assault rifles and grenade launchers, they steal out in speedboats and fishing boats in search of supertankers, cargo ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, and yachts, attacking them at port, on the open seas, in international waters. Off the coasts of SOMALIA, NIGERIA, in SOUTHEAST ASIA, entire ships are hijacked and cargo and crews simply vanish.

Dangerous Waters, considered the definitive work on modern piracy, also reveals the connection between piracy and terrorism post 9/11. It currently serves as a resource for government agencies, the maritime industry, ship owners and insurers, security consultants and the media.

Dangerous Waters has been featured on the NBC TODAY Show, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, FOX News, ABC, CBS, BBC, SKY NEWS, GMTV, CBC, HISTORY CHANNEL, NEW YORK TIMES, LONDON TIMES, REUTERS, media in Germany, France, Netherlands, and many other outlets internationally.

"Burnett manages to weave a detailed expose on the treachery of maritime piracy into a thrilling true story. . .will keep both novices and professional mariners engaged throughout. This kind of vivid, readable yet informative book is vital."
US Naval Institute Proceedings

A dauntless investigation into a chilling phenomenon, Dangerous Waters is an epic, breathtaking modern tale of the sea. Thus far, it has been translated into seven languages: Terror auf See, Germany (2004), Terror pa Varldshaven, Sweden (2003), Terreur op Zee, Netherlands (2003), and also is available in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina and Korea. Film rights have been sold.

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