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John S. Burnett is a former legislative assistant for members of Congress in Washington. He has written for the New York Times Op Ed page, Gourmet Magazine, National Geographic, JANES Homeland Security Review and The Guardian (UK) as well as for other popular publications. He has appeared on CNN, NBC Today show, Good Morning America, GMTV(UK),BBC R4,BBC WORLD, BBC NEWS, SKY NEWS, NPR, FOX News, ABC News, the History Channel, etc. Burnett first went to sea at seventeen, and was captain of a fishing boat in Alaska. He frequently is invited to speak on the subject of modern-day piracy. He also served as a relief worker for the UN in Somalia, after soldiers were withdrawn.His knowledge of piracy and Somalia is particularly relevant.

photo © Paul Teverini
He is author of Where Soldiers Fear to Tread, At Work in the Fields of Anarchy published in the US, in the UK, and other countries. He is currently working on a book investigating hijackings worldwide and particularly in Somalia.
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